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High School Senior Earns Degree Before Diploma

Monday, Jun 12, 2017

In this photo: Emily Jaruszewski of Hamilton with Dr. Jianping Wang, MCCC President

Trenton, NJ - June 12, 2017:  A New Jersey teen has earned her associate degree weeks before she graduates from high school.

Emily Jaruszewski of Hamilton will graduate with the Class of 2017 from Mercer County Technical Schools' Health Science Academy on June 20th. Emily is the first graduate from the high school to have also earned her A.S. degree in Mathematics at Mercer County Community College (MCCC). Emily walked in Mercer County Community College's graduation ceremony on May 18th with the Class of 2017. "I am so pleased to congratulate Emily on earning her associate degree in Mathematics while also earning her high school diploma from the Health Science Academy. She is such a fine example of the opportunities created by the partnership between MCTS and MCCC," states Dr. Jianping Wang, MCCC President.

Emily maximized the dual enrollment opportunities provided at no cost to her through the Mercer County Technical Schools' Health Science Academy articulation agreement with MCCC. In addition, Emily's family paid for her to enroll in additional classes at MCCC when time permitted. "I am extremely proud of Emily's persistence and dedication.  She set a goal early and continued on the path to success one course at a time.  Emily goes out of her way to assist the school community and I know she will take that work ethic into her career and have great success," says Sharon Nemeth, Mercer County Technical Schools' Health Science Academy Principal.

"I'm very excited to be the first Health Science Academy student to earn an associate degree while in high school.  I'm thankful that HSA has given me the opportunity to do this and supported me throughout the process.  I hope that this will highlight to future students what they can achieve here," says Emily. Emily will pursue a bachelor degree at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts this fall. Emily was one of approximately 50 incoming students awarded the prestigious STRIDE scholarship which includes a $20,000 per year paid research position with a Smith College professor.

The Health Science Academy is a full-time, 4-year program offered by the Mercer County Technical School District which offers students a comprehensive preparation for college and careers in the health, medical and biological sciences.  Students work and study in a creative environment enhanced by unique experiential learning activities. All high school seniors are required to complete a senior internship in the health care field. The Health Science Academy is affiliated with colleges, universities, private practitioners and medical and research facilities in order to enhance a rigorous curriculum.

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